LeLiLLa is a multi-brand store that selects and offers the best from the slow fashion world.

All the brands that you will find here stand out for their materials (natural, organic or even organic), the environmentally friendly production processes and the attention to the quality of life of their workers.

LeLiLLa adds its taste in merging collections - even very different in style or inspiration - but united by a warm and tender taste, easy to combine and designed to last over time.

These are the brands that make up our catalog. You can click on their names or logos to directly access the pages that we have dedicated to them or discover them using the menu above and that has already brought you this far.

Bexa; LeLiLLa

BEXA is a Polish brand whose products are sewn from organic and certified materials in a small factory.

Striving for zero waste, BEXA uses the remaining sections of the clothing materials (mainly organic cotton and certified linen) to produce original accessories such as caps and bandanas and the remnants pass for further processing to become rag dolls and bunnies. 

Cosmosophie; LeLiLLa

Cosmosophie rejects the idea of fashion as disposable.

The Spanish Brand believes in and strives for a sustainable way of doing fashion and refuses the idea to produce tons of cloths that the planet can neither recycle or absorb. 

This turns into producing small lots, limited edition or made-to-order pieces that are often elaborate and artisanal and whose production has a rhythm of its own.

What they call CONCIUOS FASHION is about appreciating each and every piece that makes its way into our closet: Cosmosophie wants you to take care of each garment as if it was your favorite, as our grandmothers used to.

Gro; LeLiLLa; Brand 

GRO’s collections are designed with the intent to create a calm, harmonious and timeless style that will delight parents and allow kids to feel free and happy.

“The world they grow up in and the future we can envision for them depend on the decisions we all make today” says GRO, so they consistently choose for sustainable production and the highest quality of fabrics.

Timeless clothes can be passed on again and again, and again.

LCF; Little Creative Factory; LeLiLLa

Little Creative Factory grew out of a desire to create beautiful, innovative and timeless, pieces built on sustainable principles and the motto of less is more.

Their collections are playful and romantic and pay homage to the carefully crafted clothes of days gone by using contemporary fabrics for classic designs with a modern twist.

Little’s creative processes respect the environment and adhere to concepts of 0km and slow manufacturing.

People at LCF concieves fashion design as something alive, something with an aura which sensitive people can feel.

LongLiveTheQueen; LeLilla

In a world where there is so much of everything, Longlivethequeen consciously uses materials that are already there to reduce the footprint that we leave behind.

Their collections are made of colorful, soft and easy to wear garments, made with recycled fabrics and organic knits among which the many limited editions for girls aged 2 to 16 stand out.

Mainio; LeLiLLa

Mainio is a Finnish brand based in Helsinki.

Since the very beginning, their idea was to choose ethical and ecological materials and to only work with partners who take responsibility for the wellbeing of their employees and our planet.

That vision later became Mainio's core and a value that they still embrace standing up for openness, transparency and togetherness.

In their own words “We root for all kids: the explorers, the misfits, the brave ones and the poets. We believe in adventures, field trips, never-ending curiosity and letting kids be kids”. 


Minimalisma offers a timeless collection rich in beauty, function and sustainability.

Its clothes are comfortable, easy to match and perfect for the everyday life: from 1 month to 14 years!

Only biological materials: for the safety of children’s skin. 

Monkind; LeLiLLa

MONKIND is based in Berlin and stands out for an elegant and minimal design that uses organic materials and sustainable production methods.

Structure, atmosphere, color and light: this is the timeless message that animates its collections for children and adults.

The designer and lifeblood of MONKIND is Valeria, born in the former USSR and who started being a fashion designer with the clothes of her dolls and then for her first child, awakening the passion to found an organic clothing label.Poudre Organic; lelilla;

Clothes of simple elegance, comfortable and easy to wear and match, from 1 month to 14 years.

Only biological materials, for the safety of children’s skin, and manufactured in Portugal to lower the pollution of transport.

Poudre Organic is also one of the first clothing brands created for children that has also launched into the mother’s segment with the Madame line.

Stock Collectables; LeLiLLa

Stock Collectables is a brand based in Amsterdam and Cape Town whose garments stand out for their minimal and timeless lines.

Their products are handmade from soft to wear, tumbled cotton according to orders and even the network of distributors is carefully chosen considering also shared values.

Kindness comes first: towards others and towards our planet.

the new society

After fifteen years as a designer inside griffes, Estefania Grandio became mother of Valentina and Matteo and decided to create a new brand to put her experience into an ode of conscious and sustainable way of clothing not worried about fashion but striving to find a timeless beauty.

Her collections are inspired by a concept and The Sea Side of Life is the motto behibd her spring / summer 2021 that tastes like a ray of positivity and hope - more necessary than ever – that also launches her first women's line.

"Emotion is an important part of our process. We aim for collections that connect people, go beyond the production of garments in a commercial sense and give meaning to everything we do" Estefania presents it like this.



The simple folck; lelilla;

This brand is about the story of two moms and friends looking for…versatile, timeless pieces that were luxuriously soft, practical, pattern-free, made with non-toxic fabrics and dyes, and created in an environmentally and socially conscious way. Oh, and we also have a slight obsession with one-pieces for babies and kids alike.

Since finding these items was easier said than done…they decided to start this brand!

The Simple Folk is a minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic, and high-comfort play clothes easy to wear, wash, and easy on the senses, too.

Turtle Bags

Turtle Bags was established in 2001, when plastic bags were spilling off the end of supermarket tills, to raise awareness of the hazards of plastic bags and sell alternatives.


Violeta e Federico; logo; LeliLLa

Classic style, simple lines and natural fabrics that make the difference: these are the elements that make Violeta and Federico stand out.

The Spanish brand, founded in 2007 with the desire to make mothers and children fall in love, continues to produce in Barcelona and has grown its lines together with the little ones who saw them born and now offers complete collections, for boys and girls, from the cradle. up to 16 years.

Wolf & Rita

Wolf & Rita is a brand born within a family business that produces shirts in the north of Portugal.

Traditional techniques and a unique skill: that of those who have been working together for over 30 years and who make all their garments special. 


LeLiLLa: Logo

Other brands will be added in the next weeks, months and years ... if you liked these, don't forget to come back from time to time to take a look!