LeLiLLa; Slow fashion; Fair fashion; concept store

When my daughter Letizia (the real LeLiLLa) was born, I started venturing into the babies’ world looking for clothes made of natural materials.

What I found was a wonderful undergrowth full of small businesses, often family-run, very attentive not only to the well-being of their children but also of collaborators and, not least, respectful about nature.

My curiosity and interest soon turned into a passion that led me to test many of those brands and deepen my research until I started LeLiLLa to share all the best that I have found (and that I will find, of course…).

A Slow Fashion Concept Store

Supporting slow fashion may mean buying fewer garments but… of higher quality and durability knowing that they have been made in an environment that ensures their employees optimal working conditions (fair trade) and that the NATURE has been respected as much as possible (sustainability) at all stages of product processing.

Today, SLOW FASHION is for me an obligatory choice. I could not do otherwise.